There’s a Way

I wish there was a way

To remove the outgrowth vine that has ensnared the once reasonable mind

A neglection of values, morals, and even self worth

Birthed from a pot and grown out of the thorns of ignorance

Sewn together from the nest of ones own lies

I wish there was a way…

To remove the shackle of this need of mine

A runaway cancer that feasts on the naive soul

A need to fulfill the starvation urge to consume the empty bowl

I wish there was a way

A way up

A way out

I wish there was a way to release the rain of tears that bears the mark of the now tainted heart

The strings slowly pulling the puppet apart

The rising sun – a fresh start

We close our eyes hoping to hear the sounds of applause

Yet all we get is a faceless audience

So a bow in acceptance to our hopeless cause…

I wish there was a way…

If only there was such a way

With You In My Dreams

A passerby in a search for something right

To fulfill the emptiness

A void in the light

Consumes me

To fill the air of night

But I don’t seem to care

As I look into your eyes

Maybe, just maybe this time you’ll notice me standing there

…A tear drops in the stream

With only you in my dreams

I’m washing away

Please come take my lead

With only you in my dreams, tonight

…An overstep and I missed our dance

No memories shared or to be ever had

Now running two separate paths

Too scared to ask

A wish for more time, alone here I stand

As the sand passes through my empty hands

…A tear drops in the stream

With only you in my dreams

I’m washing away

Please come take my lead

With only you in my dreams, tonight

…You are the moonlight

Dancing away in the starlight

…With only you in my dreams, tonight

From a Distance

From a distance

I gaze upon the stage

To watch as the symphony begins to serenade the song between two broken blades

A sorrow drop as the heart mourns with every tear falling in-sync

A vulnerability from the villainous face…

Now release me from these prison chains

So I try to stand tall, a prayer on hope for heavens call

A parting in the clouds, yet all I feel is rain

The engine stalls

Looking at the edge of a cliff, I close my eyes in search for a freedom to lift me high above the clouded sky…

Hold onto me

Don’t let go of me

From this distance

All I see is your face

Wondering what life could’ve been

A wonderful life, yet this one seems to be made only of lies

With no ringing bells to help me to learn how to fly

Eyes connect…

to realize all I see is me…

A cheer erupts from the empty crowd

As the choir ends on a silent sound

There You’ll Remain

You caught me off guard once again

Your spite born from the ashes of youth

Always lurking back in the shadow

Slowly stalking, never leaving behind your clues

The serpent strikes at its wondering prey

Sinking it’s teeth further in, it’s poison paralyzing all senses

Yet there you remain

As quickly as you came, your gone again

Asking for another chance

Its always the same song different dance

Yet there you remain

Maybe it’s just me

A drug I cannot escape
So I soothe in your grace

Get caught in your race

As It becomes an exhilaration just to keep pace

Stuck in its chase

And there you remain

For a fraction of a second… I welcome you back…

Then I look up and see the destruction you left in its place

The smoldering ashes

The crumbling rock

Your radiation suffocating the clouded air

Leaving behind the hurt and despair

You tell me it’s for survival, but in truth your wisdom it seems to be full of denial

Yet there you remain

A wound infected with your plague

Eating the flesh

And at best, time heals all but your scar still seems to relish

Yet there you remain

Trailing the tears from the heart of the disdain

To take it all back

Your words are empty and worthless but yet actions speak

Time can only tell, until then I shall remain incomplete

…And there you’ll remain

A Perfect Night


A flawless night to an everlasting dream
Perfect in so many ways…
We shared our first dance, our first kiss
Our first laugh, our first wish
I take your hand and hold it to my head
Any bit of cold is absorbed through your heat
The touch of your skin like the silk of a blossoming flower
Your smile brighter than any sun
A skylit clear night overhangs above our head
I freeze stuck, excited about something you just said
Chemistry sparked a forever chain of events
Between me and you
Forever and always, we both know this to be true
A deep and gazing look into your eyes
A reflection I see to whats inside
Happiness empounds, an everlasting bliss
…I have found you, you have found me
Everything is more, nothing is less
I tell you goodnight and you lean over and you tell me you know this to be right
Our lips press and connect, an electric charge fails to set us apart
A fairy tale end to a reflected start
Our lasts thoughts reflected on one another as we fall asleep
…I wake up happier than I have ever felt before 
And there you still lay, but slowly beginning to fade away
My eyes then begin to open, to realize you were nothing but a dream…

A Seldom Thought

We walk down the empty halls

A seldom thought

What’s the meaning we often ask

Waiting for an answer we object to our own authority, fighting the unanswered task

A seldom thought, now once forgot

Chaotic in its nature

A rebel in silence

Yet only yearns for the nurturer

A quick silencer to keep the beast at ease

…ghosts in the mirror

A sacrifice to once again sleep at peace

An enslavement to society

An illusion to the once free mind

Captive and chained by our own material objects

Herded around like sheep, where’s the objection?

Solutions unearthed, yet shamed by the oppressors

A product of the society that they deeply reject

Left abused to only cower in rejection..

A seldom thought, a web now abandoned to the silence of their own conviction

A Missed Path

He sees what he wants but reality says it’s not

Intertwined paths but the connection remains incomplete

An abyss silently grows in the flower of the desert

Remaining lost, its treasures hides in discreet

To rivet the heart to the untaxed soul

A collector of emotions to place the unmarked token to the collection bowl

He rushes at a thought to only be lost to the dilation of time

As the clock slowly ticks just to feign at the missed opportunities

A prayer on hope just to give the heart some clarity

…Maybe a comfort in this madness is all he asks

Now to turn his back, forever gone a memory fades from his near distant past

An Empty Meadow

You know not what you do

A summer time song turns the deep grass a rooted blue

And yet the heart reflects the song unto truth

Your voice, the hummingbird that softly sings

His will continues to silently cling

False truths and false wings

As the heart weeps in a continuous bleed

Overtaking the ground like a devouring weed

An echo of silence

He tries to push replay, only to find an empty track…

His feelings, just a whispers of lies

To corrode the heart that never cried

The pain causes the boy inside to cowardly hide

…I miss you is all that seems to stir within

Holding onto what I never had

Yet these feelings you will never know

And until that songs truth is finally told

In the shadow of the shore I hold, it’s dark waters will keep me forever cold

The Lone Traveler

Scattered winds, a troubled mind

Walking down the all familiar path

Where to begin, there’s nowhere to start

The falling rain separates the mind apart

Oh the chaos, the rocks begin to fall from over head

He seeks comfort by isolating himself from everyone around

Behind closed walls was the only comfort to be found

To enter those gates and to be lost to the city that lies within

To escape the present and to place a mask where dead kings lie

The last pedal falls from the lily vine

Tired and exhausted

A plea for help

But no ones there to listen

They say we reap what we sew

So, down the worn torn path once again alone

Was his decision to own

Here With You

Sitting here in an empty room

A puppet wishing to have its strings attached

A wish I ask just to forget the past

To patch the hole that led me down this path

A transparent thought that slowly materializes into an obsession

Wave after wave I slowly begin to crash drowning in the sorrow of the ocean

…A silence stirs…

I’m angry… it’s driving me fucking crazy

…I’m lost

… and what did it cost

Only everything and nothing.

For all that’s left to exist, is the endless abyss

Of hopelessness and panic

To find comfort in what I may have never missed

The train on its last tract

A farewell dance as the actor plans his final act

…I wish I could have been there

…To stop you

From taking that final step

To catch you before your fall

To show you that you were never alone

…to show you…that while I may never know you…that there is someone out there who still loves you

Please wake up, because we are all standing here with you

In support of suicide awareness month. You are never alone


To push replay 

And watch all the times that we laughed and kissed
To know that there’s no pause
To live that moment that we may have missed
And in this play he rests his head
Up against his knees
As a tear rolls down as all he can do is reminisce

He stares into the flame of the candle
Wishing he could take this dance with you as the rest of the world sits and watches
To watch it disappear into the timeless sky above
With only the empty shadows left in applause

We are never getting older
And as time rolls right on over
Feeling alone in this world, only gets that much colder
Lost in that moment we again push replay, to try and keep it from being over

One’s Hope

He reaches across his desk
Reaching for an imaginary alignment that would line up all the stars and planets at his reach
A fools applause, or just a hopeless romantic
Reaching for his one true cause
He sees what he wants but reality says it’s not
A stolen memory now once forgot
As the plot thickens with an immediate stop
Enslaved to his own thoughts..
Please come back
Fix this derailment from its jagged edged track
Smile at me and tell me it’s all right and that were no longer separated apart
To give me the remedy to fix this poisoned heart
Laugh with me as you once did
Look at me as we once shared an inseperable kiss
All those times slipped past into this shattered memory
It’s timeless sand eroding with no delivery
So now here I stand
Watching as I reach for nothing but an empty hand
Your image beggining to fade away..
Come back my love so we can take away this pain.